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Sustain Enamel Polish

Sustain Enamel Polish

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Our sustain enamel polish is formulated to help remove thick layers of plaque from the enamel as well as bacteria buildup from the tongue! Because of the highly abrasive properties we recommend you only use this product 2 to 3x a week maximum, any more than that can cause the enamel to soften and break away! 


1.Wet toothbrush

2.Dip toothbrush (with bristles down) until desired amount is stuck on bristles 

3. Once finished, combine solution with our balance mouthwash, swish and gargle solution in mouth for atleast 60 seconds to make sure you get out all unwanted plaque and bacteria from surfaces of mouth

4.spit solution in sink

5. Brush with our Synergy peppermint neem tooth paste to add Much need moisture back in your mouth which is very important to protect the enamel lining on your teeth!



1. Baking soda

2. Diatomaceous earth

3. Peppermint essential oil

4.coconut oil